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Web Design
Real-time 3D
User-centered design
Motion graphics
Graphic design
User-centered design
Design for the people. I am a creative thinker who translates people’s issues & needs into design projects that make sense.
Researches, Social behavior analysis, Service design
Graphic design
Typography, layout, colours, illustration. I am always finding the right combination suiting the project I am working on.
Drawing, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Motion graphics
I bring graphics to life with animation in order to convey the right message and communicate efficiently.
After Effects, Première, Pro Tools
Real-time 3D
I can carry on a real-time 3D project while being aware of new technologies to create immersive experiences.
3DS Max, Unity, Motion Builder, Virtual & Augmented Reality
Web design
From wireframes to integration, I design interactive websites knowing all the most recent tools.
HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery, Photoshop, Illustrator
I am also a friendly human being who loves being in a team of friends/collegues.
Just being nice and sometimes throwing jokes.

1. Triggering creativity through monitoring

By observing and monitoring social behaviour, technology, art and competitors I produce creative axis of work and build the foundation of the project.

2. Exploring the imagination and conceptualize

Using information collected, it is time to dive deep into imagination to find suitable concepts that are both innovative and pertinent.

3. Developing final design

The production phase where the magic happens and concepts are brought to life thanks to a great team work and a neat methodology.